Financial reports and Newsletters


To fulfill our vision and mission, we will apply and promote in all our actions the following values:

  1. Creativity: We value the creative capacity of the human being, given that it permits the generation of new ideas and innovative strategies to promote local development.
  2. Diversity of thought: We value, respect, and promote diversity of thought for the collective construction or development initiatives.
  3. Resource Sharing: We promote collaboration and reciprocal sharing of financial and human resources, with the other parties with whom we interact.
  4. Local Culture: We value, promote, and encourage the rescue and preservation of the cultural heritage of the peoples with whom we work, so that the processes we are fostering can have lasting relevance.
  5. Transparency: We value honest work in order to build an environment of trust among ourselves, our beneficiaries, and our donors.
  6. Interculturality: We value and promote intercultural harmony, both national and international, to enrich our lives.
  7. Equal Opportunity: We value the complementarity understood in the local culture as equal opportunity for men and women.


By addressing the need for secondary education the Ixtatán Foundation has opened doors for the community’s youth for the first time. After 12 years of work and seven successive graduating classes, we have firmly established the Seeds of Wisdom School that provides middle school and High School education to the town´s youth.

The following is a list of past award winning-programs and sustaining projects that the Ixtatán Foundation has helped implement through the Seeds of Wisdom School:

  • Clean Water: In 2007 the Ixtatán Foundation helped our students implement a clay water filter factory which garnered awards from the Ministry of Education of Guatemala as the best school project in the state of Huehuetenango. This water filter factory now sells water filters all over Guatemala, which helps provide for teachers’ salaries at the school.

  • Organic Farming: The following year, 2008, we established an organic demonstrative farm to instruct students in food production using local techniques and introducing them to the technical aspects of agriculture.

  • Computer Lab: In 2010, The Ixtatán Foundation also helped the Seeds of Wisdom to implement a computer academy that serves other schools in San Mateo as well as its own students, giving them computer skills that are necessary in today´s work environment.

  • In 2012, the Ixtatán Foundation implemented Project Based Learning (PBL) at the Seeds of Wisdom School. PBL is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying.

  • 2001-2013: In addition to creating and growing the Seeds of Wisdom School, the Ixtatán Foundation has provided numerous scholarships to Mateano students for higher education in Guatemala and throughout Central and North America. There have been 10 outstanding students who have benefited from this program and have returned to their community to work.

  • 2014 With the support of parents, community leaders, and the mayor of San Mateo Ixtatán, the Yinhatil Nab’en Community Education Center was able to transition from being a private school to a cooperative school. With this provision, the school, now the Yinhatil Nab’en (Seeds of Wisdom) Cooperative Institute, is permanently guaranteed financial support from the central government, the municipality of San Mate Ixtatán, and the members of the community.

The ultimate goal of Ixtatán Foundation and of founder Beth Evans is that by the year 2021, Ixtatán Foundation and its work will have been given into the hands of local Guatemalan leaders, who by that time will have prepared themselves and gained the skills necessary to continue with the vision. An important step towards this goal was taken in July 2012, when Elías Alonzo, an outstanding leader of Chuj origin, was named director of Ixtatán Foundation; this step marks the beginning of a transitional period of decision-making by local leadership and the opening of the Ixtatán Foundation’s headquarters in Guatemala.