Our Team

Executive Director - Elías Alonzo


Elías Alonzo

Elías was born and raised in the Guatemalan mountain town where the Foundation’s work is focused: San Mateo Ixtatán. The second of seven children, Elías smiles as he tells people he comes from a small family. From a young age he developed a strong desire to get a good education, which at that time (before the Foundation’s work in San Mateo) meant going away from his home and family from the middle school level on. Through many interesting life turns Elías eventually ended up getting two degrees in the U.S., an associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems from North Georgia Technical College in 2004 and a B.A. in Business Administration from Toccoa Falls College in 2008. Soon after his graduation in 2008 he moved back to his Guatemalan hometown, returning to his family after an 8-year absence, with knowledge, ideas and passion to share, as well as a new wife to introduce to his family. He immediately began to work for the Foundation first as a computer teacher, then as Coordinator for the Foundation, and lastly as Business Administrator for two years. His facility in the three languages needed for these jobs (English, Spanish, Chuj), along with his training in business administration, proved invaluable in strengthening and improving the structure of the foundation. In 2012, Elías took on the challenge of becoming the Executive Director of the Ixtatán Foundation, and he looks forward to pouring out his passion and energy into this new position in order to continue to impact his community positively. Cheering him on in all of these projects are his wife, Becky, daughter Norah (born in 2010), son Bryan (born in 2012), and daughter Karen (born in 2017).


General Accountant - Edilio Gregorio

Edilio Gregorio

One of the first graduates of the Seeds of Wisdom School in the accounting program. Ever since he started middle school, he showed special interest in numbers and accounting; when it was time to choose a career track, he did not think twice in enrolling in the accounting program when it was being offered for the first time at the Seeds of Wisdom School. Before graduating as an accountant Edilio interned with he Ixtatan Foundation where he learned to book-keep for a nonprofit organization and became familiar with the financial reports using Quickbooks. He then went on to work for the Seeds of Wisdom School for one year; by the end of 2014 he officially became the general accountant of the Ixtatan Foundation. He is currently finishing up his CPA degree at the Universidad Da Vinci de Guatemala.






Project Based Learning Curriculum Director - Maria Alonzo

María Alonzo


Maria is a passionate young lady of the Chuj people. She has proven to be a leader in her community and is a teacher by profession. She is currently the Curriculum Director of Project Based Learning at the Seeds of Wisdom School. Maria is in charge of assisting and overseeing project based learning facilitators at the seeds of wisdom school; one of her key roles is to make sure the National Curriculum of Guatemala and class content is being related and pertinent to the project developed by students. Maria is very active in the community and is the president of the Municipal Youth organization in San Mateo Ixtatan. She graduated from the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala in education with a minor in Mayan culture.



Librarian and Bilingual Reading Coordinator - Juana Pablo

Juana Pablo


Juana is an educator by profession with many years of experience in bilingual education. She has been part of conferences held in Mexico about culturally pertinent education for indigenous communities. Juana holds a degree in education from the Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala. She is the administrator of the community library Banco de Guatemala and implements bilingual reading programs for the community of San Mateo Ixtatán and neighboring municipalities in Northern Huehuetenango.





Project Coordinator - Luciano Marcos

Luciano Marcos


A native of San Mateo Ixtatán, Luciano speaks Chuj, Spanish, and English. He lived and worked in the US for almost 13 years and studied business administration after returning to Guatemala. He has experience in administration with multiple businesses and organizations and has been at the Ixtatán Foundation since March 2017. He and his wife, Glenda, have two sons, Benicio and Ethan.




Administrative Assistant - Yuri Mendez

Yuri Mendez



Yuri has been with the Ixtatán Foundation team since April 2017. She grew up in Santa Ana Huista in Huehuetenango and studied accounting. After graduating she moved to Mexico City where she lived and worked as a server and hotel receptionist for ten months. She plans to continue her studies at the beginning of 2018, this time in business administration.