Overseas Opportunities

Vounteer to Teach in Guatemala​

The Ixtatán Foundation has enlisted more than twenty volunteers from around the world to teach in Spanish at the Yinhatil Nab’en (Seeds of Knowledge) School in San Mateo Ixtatán. These teachers bring their enthusiasm and know-how to give a new perspective to hundreds of students. Teachers commit to the full school year from January to November and receive a monthly stipend for their service.

If you are interested in learning more about teaching the future leaders of San Mateo Ixtatán, contact us.


Short-term Projects and Mission Trips

Other volunteers for the school have come on special short-term teaching assignments teaching a variety of workshops.

Short-term volunteering in San Mateo Ixtatán is a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. By traveling and volunteering here, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and meet people on their own terms, rather than experiencing it as a tourist would. Over the years, short-term projects have included:


* Music classes and marching band
* Art and photography
* Sports

Public Health

* Health sector survey
* Nutrition education
* Personal hygiene workshops


* Building a biogas generator for the organic farm
* Water Filtration Monitoring


* Student documentation of Chuj Maya with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
* A study of the black salt of San Mateo Ixtatán
* Video interpretation of Chuj folklore
* Text-making of Chuj Maya language


You can also create your own short-term project for the Ixtatán community. We encourage you to include the students in any project you create. If you would like to visit Guatemala in a service role, please contact us for more information.